Help! A wedding tomorrow

September 2013

My first wedding commission arrived with a last minute call to photograph a friend’s wedding ceremony.

I got the call from an old university friend on the Friday morning. Jonathan and Amey had a photographer to cover the reception and evening, but a family member had dropped out of doing the ceremony!

It was short notice but I offered my assistance! I gracefully accepted the upgraded invite and desperately started researching wedding event photography.

John in the pub!
Jon in the pub!

Amey in the wedding car
Amey in the wedding car

My brief was to meet up with the groom and his entourage for a sneaky half, photograph the arrival of the bride, record the ceremony and get some family group shots outside the church afterwards. Finally, I would photograph the departure of the bride and groom leaving for the reception where I would revert to guest status.

John & Amey saying their vowes
Jon & Amey saying their vows

John & Amey sign the register
Jon & Amey sign the register

I couldn’t meet the Vicar or couple beforehand and had very little time to scope out the Church. When I arrived, I found a position to the side where I could get a view of the guests and the couple from a safe distance – my telephoto and tripod were invaluable here.

I used my general purpose zoom to capture the arrival of the bride and switched to my telephoto for the ceremony. For the signing of the register I switched to my wide angle lens so everyone in the small room would be covered.

The Bride's parents
The Bride’s parents

Johns mum and bride
Jon’s mum and bride

Thankfully there was a nice garden in the church grounds for the family portraits. I found a nice spot with some greenery in the background an with some assistance photographed various family groups with the general purpose zoom.

Amey and a bridesmaid
Amey and a bridesmaid

Children play
Children play

The wedding party photograph the newly weds
The wedding party photograph the newly weds

Bridge and groom leaving the church
Bridge and groom leaving the church

It was a successful morning. I got all the photos the newly weds wanted including a couple of video shorts for entertainment. I have always had great respect for professional wedding photographers but now I have a greater appreciation of the planing and preparation required to ensure a successful shoot!

The Wedding cake
The Wedding cake

First dance
First dance

 Kit Bag

  • Camera: Canon 7D
  • General Purpose: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
  • Telephoto: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM
  • Ultra Wide: Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5
  • Flash: Canon 430EX II

We want you! Recruitement portrait photographs

November 2011


This was a commission to get some portrait photographs for my company’s IT recruitment drive for more developers.

TRP Volunteers
All the volunteers pose together

At this time, I worked for TravelRepublic, an online travel agent as a developer and my love of photography was well known about.

The company were on a big recruitment drive, had set up their own recruitment agency and needed something better and more personal than the stock images available.

TRP Careers Shoot-8
Chris, the web designer, posing

TravelRepublic also wanted to introduce the development team and once my victims had been volunteered (chosen), the first task was to plan the group photographs.

Group photo plan
Group photo plan

My idea was to create some portrait photographs that presented groups of developers in their working environment so I created a handful of different scenarios.

Over the next couple of days I loosely followed the plan, organising people into different poses in the contrived scenarios.

It was difficult getting everyone still enough to make the photograph, never mind the technical challenges of getting the camera in the right place with good light and focus!

TRP Recruitment Photo Shoot Plan - Tea Break

TRP Tea Break

TRP Recruitment Photo Shoot Plan - Tablet

TRP Tablet

TRP Recruitment Photo Shoot Plan - Meeting

TRP Meeting

TRP Recruitment Photo Shoot Plan - Headphones

TRP Headphones

TRP Recruitment Photo Shoot Plan - Headshot

TRP Headshot

TRP Recruitment Photo Shoot Plan - Discuss

TRP Discuss

With the working environment photos in the bag, I could concentrate on some individual portraits. I thought I would make it fun and do things a little differently!

TRP Careers Shoot-16
Pierre pointing

TRP Careers Shoot-14
Adam pointing

TRP Careers Shoot-12
Dave pointing

TRP Careers Shoot-13
Emily pointing

I suggested that each person did three poses: standing normally – the official portrait, pointing a finger and dancing. I attempted these poses for each person and got mixed results but it was definitely fun for all involved.

TRP Careers Shoot-11
Stuart dancing

TRP Careers Shoot-15
Femida dancing

TRP Careers Shoot-10
John dancing

TRP Careers Shoot-9
Ben dancing

At the time of writing, the recruitment agency Haddon Blake are no longer in existence so the website and group photographs are history.

The portraits however, are still live on the TravelRepublic IT careers page. In case they disappear, I’ve got the final Photoshop’d photographs from the web site… the image of our mascot error page dog was later added by Chris so I can’t claim that one!

TRP IT Career Page
TRP IT Career Page

TRP IT Meet the team
TRP IT Meet the team

Kit Bag

  • Camera: Canon 50D
  • General Purpose: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
  • Flash: Canon 430EX II

Mahoe Cafe Bar, my first commission!

October 2009

My first commission was to photograph a new cafe bar called Mahoe.

Mahoe Entrance
Mahoe Corner

Mahoe Side Sreet
Mahoe Side Sreet

Mahoe Entrance from Tube
Mahoe Entrance from Tube

Mahoe Doorway
Mahoe Doorway

My colleague’s wife had set up the Mahoe Caribbean cafe bar in central London. They desperately needed some high quality photos for use on promotional material, advertising and on their own website.

Bar View

Bar Behind View

Bar Stools

Small Tables

Knowing that I would be shooting in a confined and dimly light environment, most of the photographs were taken with the wide angle setting of my general purpose zoom on a tripod.

A few detail shots were also taken with my telephoto. Of course, I also needed to use my flash to help out on a few shots.

Cubby Corner

Long Table


More Tables

It was somewhat daunting as my first gig but I soon settled in.

I just made sure that I took lots of photos, covering the whole cafe bar from top to bottom trying not to get in the way of prep for that evening!

Mahoe Till

Menu Chalk Board

Mahoe Logo

Outside Menu

It was a successful shoot as my client was very happy with the results.

The website looked great thanks to my photos but it’s a shame that the cafe bar was closed before the end of it’s first year!

Still the food was really really good and the cocktails were fantastic!

Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Pour Detail

Cocktail Ready Detail

Kit Bag

  • Camera: Canon 50D
  • General Purpose: Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
  • Telephoto: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Portfolio started

I have started my portfolio with garden flower photos.

As well as the posting about the client projects that I undertake I will regularly add photos to my portfolio. These photos are individual projects to practice my skills and push my art forwards.

Garden flower Indoor Lillie
Portfolio photo Garden flower Indoor Lillie


I’m kicking of my portfolio with a short album of some of my favorite garden flower photos from my back yard. Enjoy!