Horses for September

September, 2016

This is a funny time of year. It’s no longer officially summer but in England, we can get some of our best summer weather. The evenings are getting shorter but it can still be really warm.

Of course, its often raining but this was one of those typical days you find yourself enjoying on an afternoon walk in the English countryside in September. Cloudy but warm.

2016 Calendar September - Horses in a Field
Horses in a Field

In fact, this particular photograph was taken on a walk in June 2015 with a group of friends around Cowden near the Kent/Surrey border but it reminds me of late summer and that’s why I chose it for September in my Calendar.

This is one of those perfect timing moments. The horse just happened to turn it’s head to face us as I took the photograph.

I like the way there is a line going from the horses up to the top of the tree. You can easily divide the image into sections: the nice floral foreground; the horses standing against the hills a long way in the distance; the tree and the sky.

The final image is a crop about two thirds of the original, with a boost in shadows and reduction of highlights and a tweak reduce the distant haze of the hills.

This is not a full back to front in focus image. That’s because I used an aperture of F7.1, see how the flowers are out of focus. The important thing is that the subject, horses in this case, are nice and sharp – the focal plane is quite obvious here.

The relatively wide aperture and a shutter speed of 1/200th meant I had enough exposure for a low ISO to give me maximum image quality.

I really like this image. It’s calming and evokes memories of countryside walks and I think the yellow rape seed flowers in the foreground really lift the image.

 Kit Bag

  • Camera: Canon 7D
  • Standard Zoom Lens: Canon EF 24-105m f/4L IS USM