Nathan Comben Photography, let me show you the light!

By day I am a computer programmer based in Surrey with a burning passion in photography. I am a member of a local photographic club and have a lot of fantastic images that just have to be shared with a wider audience!

Pink Rose Petals - The Background Image
Pink Rose Petals from my back garden

What so interesting about the light?

Taking a photograph of a scene or person is not just about positioning and focus, it is also about capturing the light. Light allows us to see and experience the World around us. When you look at this World, your eyes are constantly moving to build an image for your brain.

What’s on the website?

I have a blog where I can post stories and events and there is a gallery where you can see my best images.
If you are interested in any of the prints, please drop me a line at sales@nathancphotography.co.uk