Dahlia June

June, 2016

The image I chose for the June page of my 2015 calendar was this photograph of a single flower in amongst a mass of pink Dahlia flowers at the RHS trial fields at Wisley.

2016 Calendar June - Pink Dahlia Star
June – Pink Dahlia Star

Every year Wisley trial lots of new flower and plant varieties. This interesting flower was just one of those. What’s nice from a photography point of view is that the trial beds are a good size and offer lots of plants.

A large number of plants means the photographer can really pick the perfect flower and as I have done here, frame it with a background of similar colours and shapes.

A nice shallow depth of field really allows the single flower to stand out. If it wasn’t such a nicely formed flower, the effect might not be so successful. A slight vignette added to the image in post production helps to focus the eye on the central subject.

However, a central subject composition doesn’t always make an interesting photograph. In this case though, I feel that the star shape formed by the flower is a nice strong compositional element in it’s own right.

 Kit Bag

  • Camera: Canon 7D
  • Standard Zoom Lens: Canon EF 24-105m f/4L IS USM