Bluebells in the Undergrowth

May, 2016

With my time spent on club related work, I’m a little late posting my photograph of Bluebells in the undergrowth, my May Calendar photograph.

The photograph titled “Bluebell Log” was taken at the beginning of May in 2015 in the wooded area at the National Trust Hatchlands Park in Surrey.

2016 Calendar May - Bluebell Log
May – Bluebell Log

It’s a very clichéd but I believe, Bluebells really do capture the essence of late spring. The spot I took this photograph was very popular and my goal was to get a Bluebell image that might be a bit different from the norm.

Rather than just a sea of Bluebells, I found this old log and got down low to capture the flowers from an alternative view point. The log actually intersects the image creating two sections.

The lower part of the image forms the first section which shows some Bluebells in detail. The log has some nice detail and texture very different from the green and purple.

The upper part of the image shows that clichéd sea of Bluebells but as it’s out of focus, it just provides a nice area of strong colour.

Critically, I think there is two much distraction from the various twigs, sticks and other tree trunks. It would of also been nice to have had some sunlight and dappled shade but hey, you can’t have everything unless you are prepared to wait!

 Kit Bag

  • Camera: Canon 7D
  • Standard Zoom Lens: Canon EF 24-105m f/4L IS USM