Bee July

July, 2016

The bold and warm yellow colours in this photograph convey the feeling of summer. It’s unfortunate then, that this summer, we are having such dreadful weather.

It seems incredible to think that we might ever have had a nice summer in but I can assure you, we have!

2016 Calendar July - Echinacea Bee
July – Echinacea Bee

This particular shot was taken at RHS Wisley in September last year in one of their lovely deep borders. There are literally thousands of Bees buzzing around doing their thing so there are plenty of opportunities to get that “bee on flower” shot.

This is a typical telephoto (105mm) wide aperture (f/4.5) shot to create a nicely blurred background. The shutter speed was 1/250, so even without image stabilisation, the image would have been sharp enough. The focus might be in front of the bee by a hairs breath, but the subject is clear enough.

A critic might suggest the flash of pink colour at the bottom of the image is distracting, but as its not too far from the bee, it doesn’t lead the eye to far away. As always, its very important to watch the background when taking shots like this – it’s just too easy to be distracted by the subject!

 Kit Bag

  • Camera: Canon 7D
  • Standard Zoom Lens: Canon EF 24-105m f/4L IS USM