Leaves in October and November

October and November, 2016

Autumn or Fall as our US cousins call it, is one of my favourite times of the year for nature and landscape photography. This is when the days start getting shorter and a lot cooler and nature produces some stunning colours.

For a photographer, the later starts and earlier finishes make it that much easier to catch those magic hours! If you can brave the cold, Autumn can be a special time outdoors.

Deciduous trees know they need to start conserving energy and as they prepare for the winter we see incredible displays as the foliage turns from lush green through yellows to orange then red before finally falling to the ground.

The October and November photographs in my calendar tell this story.


October’s picture was taken at Winkworth Arboretum in 2014, it’s a fabulous place any time of year but this image shows the incredible natural colour we get this time of year, no doubt helped by the blue sky! At the time I identified the leaves as Oak but I suspect they are Sycamore leaves!

2016 Calendar October - Falling Oak Leaves
Falling Oak Leaves

I looked straight up into the canopy for this shot. As the distance to your subject decreases, so too does the depth of field – the amount of stuff in focus. For this image, I used an aperture of f/9 and although the background is out of focus, there is enough detail to understand the scene.


The November image shows a collection of leaves, twigs and other natural detritus on the ground in one of the many wooded sections at Wisley. This shot was taken in October 2015.

2016 Calendar November - Leaf Litter
Leaf Litter

Rather than up, this time I looked straight down. It wasn’t just the colour that attracted me but the mixture of light and shade and the different shapes and textures – that’s a lot of positive aspects!

Critically, perhaps the left side of the image is a bit bright as that’s where the sunshine was. It distracts a little as the eye tends to wander to settle on the brighter part of the image. That said, I think overall, the image works really well and helps tell the story of Autumn.

Kit Bag

  • Camera: Canon 7D
  • Standard Zoom Lens: Canon EF 24-105m f/4L IS USM